Urban Raw Lumber Inventory

For you upcoming project below is a listing of the small batch lumber inventory I have available.

Richmond Pecan

This backyard beauty dawned the Vickery Place neighborhood of East Dallas since long before my birth. It was removed to make room for a larger home to be built in this crazy Dallas cycle of urban densification. I’m excited to give this silent causality of development a second life. Pecan is one of the toughest native woods around here and emits a sweet aroma when worked.

Euclid Elm

This massive tree produced 11 3" thick slabs each big enough to be a single slab dining table. with high contrast grain line, chatoyance, figure, bark beetle trails and more this wood really tells a storied past. The neighbors I met while salvaging this trunk told me that this tree was use as a landmark around the streets inhabitants, "Hey bob's house is the second one on the right down there past the big tree"

Belmont Sycamore

Salvaged from a tree that was removed due to disease. A tree removal company had hacked the beautiful wood into moveable segments and stacked them at the roads edge for bulk trash pickup by the city. I was able to salvage ~ 200 BF of this trunk in short segments. The ray fleck figure in this batch is outstanding.

Avondale Red Oak

I pass by the lot where this tree was salvaged from everyday on the way to my day job. When the demolition equipment showed up i got excited because I knew there were some interesting trees on the lot. Sure enough right before demolition started a local arborist showed up and drop all the trees on the lot. I was able to get them to leave two Red Oak  and a Black Locust trunk in log form for me to fetch a few days later..

McMillian Cedar

Spotted this trunk standing on a development where the trunk was salvaged during one of our weekend family walks through the area and ran home to get my chainsaw, drone, and trunk to collect this small batch of wonderfully colorful Aromatic Red Cedar,

Milam Oak

Salvaged by a neighbor from a large section of tree that was downed during a wind storm. When he was clearing the debris he saved a large section and we milled it up for him with a portable chainsaw mill right in his backyard in October of 2016. The lumber has been air drying in our rack ever since. The combination of spalt and burl makes this batch a great accent choice.

Moser Osage Orange

Osage Orange, Bodark, Bois De Arc are all common synonyms for the tree. with its odd looking fruit with a texture that reminds you of the human brain to its vivid yellow color this tree is unique. This stump was salvaged from a development project on Moser Street just South of Henderson Ave. The redevelopment of this street has been astonishing as almost all the old homes and old growth trees that once stood their have been demolished for new modern builds over the last 3 years.

Moser Pecan

Pecan is a sweet smelling extremely strong wood. This small batch f lumber (300 board feet) was also salvaged from the the re-development activities on Moser. Subtle pink and red hues give this younger almost clear grained wood added character. 

We use a hashtag nomenclature where the name of the street from which the wood was harvested is concatenated with the tree’s species to form a unique and traceable identifier for each small batch lumber production run.