My name is Kyle Alty and I am a Husband, Father, Urban Lumberjack, Engineer, & Furniture Maker.

Our Story

Chasin the Grain was born out of a passion for building. Building runs in the Alty blood. As a child I had free access to my fathers workshop which was primarily carpentry and home building tools. I was always taking apart electronics and reassembling them into new contraptions. I even had my own dedicated work bench in the shop.

After high school I chose to purse a degree in Chemical Engineering because I wanted to be able to build with the smallest building blocks possible, atoms. My chemical engineering degree opened the door to oil and gas construction opportunities internationally after college and I jumped at the chance for adventure. Even though I am an engineer by degree I have always been drawn toward the construction side of building more than the design side.

Eventually I found that I had progressed to a point in my primary career where I wasn't physically building things any more and had lost that sense of satisfaction that comes from being able to lay your hands on something you have created. In steps wood working.

Lumber milling started for me when I was working on pipelines in South Texas. We cleared hundreds of miles of mesquite brush and ran the logs through chippers. This just seemed like a waste of a precious and beautiful resources.  We bought a chainsaw mill and brought a few of the larger logs back into the yard. We slabed up the trees and made a few safety incentive gifts from them.

In 2014 we moved to Cochran Heights a small neighborhood in East Dallas and the epicenter of a mass migration back into the city. With this migration came redevelopment on a massive scale. With the building trends in the area to maximize square footage little room for the one hundred year old trees that grace this area remains. As a result the majority of this resource was being chipped up and hauled off to our landfills.

In March of 2016 I bought a MS 461 Sthil chainsaw with a 36” bar and a Granberg Alaskin III milling jig and started doing my small part to salvage some of these precious trees from destruction and give them a new life.

You can follow the rest of the journey since then under the blog section and on Instagram.